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Garden Maintenance – Job Application
• Lancefield
• Must work Mondays and Thursdays (other days flexible upon discussion)
• 15 to 20 hours per week, to start with
• Casual contract to start, possible to switch to yearly fixed-term contract

We are a family business in Lancefield. We are seeking a garden assistant to help us maintain a half-acre organic market garden on our property. You will need to be able to enjoy working with plants, soil, and insects. You will receive initial training, but we expect you will be able to work independently after becoming familiarised with the jobs. Good communication skills and a love for nature are essential.

This position will include:
• Harvesting fresh produce
• Propagation of seedlings
• Cleaning pots and containers used for propagation
• Seasonal pruning
• Compost heap maintenance
• Grounds-keeping

We will need you to arrive with a fantastic work ethic and attitude, and a keen eye for detail. Sometimes you will be working in the elements and get your hands relatively dirty!

Pay rate is guaranteed by National Horticulture Award MA000028, adult casual hourly rate $28.26
Interested applicants please email resume to
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