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Rocket Salad leaves- 1 bunch - approx 50g


Rocket is an excellent source of vitamin A to maintain healthy organ functioning and vitamin C to strengthen the immune system while reducing inflammation. The peppery greens also provide calcium to protect bones and teeth and lower amounts of folate, iron, vitamin K, copper, zinc, and magnesium.


It has an herbal, nutty, and spicy flavor well suited for fresh and lightly cooked applications such as sautéing, steaming, braising, blanching, and stir-frying. It is important to note that Rocket is derived from wild arugula and will contain a much stronger flavor than commercial arugula cultivars. The greens can be used as a vegetable or an herb, and they can be utilized fresh, added at the end of cooked applications, or lightly cooked to create a milder flavor. The use of vinegar, fats, olive oils, or citrus will also help tame the green’s peppery flavor. Rocket can be tossed fresh into salads, used as an edible bed for roasted meats, layered into sandwiches and burgers, or blended into sauces such as pesto. The leaves can also be lightly steamed and folded into savory crepes, cooked into omelets or quiche, combined with potatoes as a side dish, or stirred into soups and stews. In Italy, Rocket is frequently used as a topping over pizza or is lightly braised and incorporated into pasta and rice dishes.


Fresh Rocket will keep up to 10 days when wrapped in a paper towel and stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator's crisper drawer.


Rocket - Grazia Arugula - 1 bunch

GST Included |
    • Grown in Australian Certified Organic soil and fertiliser

    • Chemical free spray free

    • No GMO's

    • Hand-harvest in season

    • Caterpillars or aphids may be present. We do our best to select leaves without holes

    • Please store in an airtight container or a plastic warp to keep the moisture in. Shelf life: 7 days in fridge, or 3 days with stem in water

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