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Our sun-dried lavender have a delicate aroma and subtle floral flavour. Historically, lavender was used to mummify bodies in Egypt, in baths in Greece and Rome, and for antiseptic and mental health purposes. After have a long day, give yourself a floral luxury bath, the beautiful lavender flower and its essential oil will relieve your day and heals your skin. Make your own aromatherapy candles with our authentic sun-dried lavender.


  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Help promote sleep and fight insomnia


Enjoy your tea time:

Ground 3-5 bulbs for a mug, 6-8 bulbs for a pot. Add boiling water and allow to infuse 5-7 minutes, and serve with honey / lemon / apple / berry / grape. Notice: High concentration of lavender has a bitter taste.

Tea: Sun-dried Lavender

SKU: 0004
PriceFrom $15.00
GST Included |
    • Grown in Australian Certified Organic soil, Chemical free spray free

    • Hand-picked in season, traditional sun-dried method

    • Our ECO Jar containers are up-cycled from retired coffee jars. Helping you minimise your carbon footprint!

    • Good for any sweet and savoury dishes, hot or cold beverages, homemade soap/candle, skincare, dream pillow, hand-made chocolates

    • Try adding herbs to your bath

    • Please store in an airtight container in the refrigerator or a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

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    Due to the nature of LANCEFIELD EDIBLE GARDEN’s products, we cannot accept returns or
    exchanges. However, we wish you are 100% happy with your purchase.
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