Closed Loop Farm, Zero Waste, Organic Edible Produce

Fresh Culinary Leaf & Herb

From Our Farm to Your Table

No Plastic Waste


Sunlight, healthy clean soil...

and then we just added some water.

Nothing fancy, nothing hi-tech, nothing artificial.

Our small farm is just 1 hour north of Melbourne, growing bits and pieces, all sizes, big and small, macro and micro.

Sunlight, not LED.

Soil, not nutrient solutions.

Slow, not fast.

Closed Loop Farm Macedon Ranges, Zero Waste, Organic Edible Produce
Beyond premium quality and earth-friendly, we do not use any disposable plastic containers to ship our products. All plastic packaging are returned to the farm, where they are washed and reused for the next delivery!

Hence the name Closed Loop.

We also use pots made of coconut fiber - they are 100% compostable!
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