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Fresh Flower Pancake

Fresh flowers have their own power of healing. Not just because they are colourful, but also flowers are the essential part for a plant, full of vitality.☀️ My son and I picked some fresh edible flower petals from our garden this morning. My son asked me "why don't we just pick the whole flower, but pick only the petals very carefully and avoid to damage the bulb?" "Because I don't want to hurt their babies, if they have been pollinated they can still grow into the seeds." I said. "Right! So we can enjoy the beautiful petals, and they can also keeping their offspring."🌾🌱 This morning, we made flower pancakes as breakfast. Peaceful, full of laugh and greatful. Flowers, we thank you! 🌼🌺🌹🌸🌷

Hope you enjoy this recipe!

1 cup Flour 1.2 cup Orange juice/water 1 cup Flower petals 1 Egg (optional) 1 tb Sugar/honey 1 tb Oil/butter Some flower petals for garnish.

Mix all ingredients. Pull evenly onto toast press and heat for 2-5 min Garnish with some petals, and drip some honey/maple syrup.🍁 Ready to serve.

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