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Primrose Sweet Potato Rice

Winter is upon us!!! Some plants ended of their life, some just begun. Primrose is one that's blooming right now in our hot house. 🌺🌼💐

Primrose symbolise youth or young love, or mean "I can't live without you." Primula vulgaris (the one grow in my hot house), the whole plant is edible. They can be eaten raw in salads or as an edible garnish, and can also be made into conserves (preserves).

In traditional herbal medicine, cowslip wine, made from P. veris, was used as a sedative. The flowers was used to treat palsy as well as nervousness. The juice of the flowers, either used alone or combined with other ingredients into an ointment, was supposed to be effective at treating facial spots and wrinkles.

I love the way the flower petals combine with rice, sweet potato, nuts, and honey. it's a light with sweet and savoury dish can refresh your day.🪴

Here is my recipe~ Ingredients: Few primrose flowers and leaves One diced sweet potato (small-medium size) Diced garlic (2 cloves) Cooked rice (2 bowls) Few sultana 1 tb honey 2 tb oil Diced tofu or chicken or meat (optional) Ground nuts powder.

1. Preheat your pan, add oil, garlic and tofu or meat (optional), pan-fry till golden. 2. Add sweet potato, Sultana, honey, keep to fry till sweet potato soften. 3. Add rice, and mix well. Keeping pan-fry till rice golden. Turn off the heat. 4. Add primrose petals, leaves and mix. 5. Garnish with nuts powder and some petals on the top. Ready to serve.

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