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Try This To Keep Slugs and Snails Away From Your Garden

Spring is the time for planting all your seedlings, it is also the time when pests start to feast on all your seedlings! Snails and slugs can cause plenty of grief during the rainy spring. People often ask me how to maintain a no-spray garden. I always give them the answer: observe and listen.

The vegetables in your garden that survived winter will begin to produce flowers and seeds in spring. They become tall and stalky. These stalks have many uses, one of them is deterring snails and slugs!🐌

After your vegetables went to bolt, you can harvest the seeds and the stems. I normally dry them under the sun for few weeks. Once dried, they can be shredded and become mulch. This type of mulch has many benefits. First of all, the pests such as slug and snail don’t like them at all, because crawling on these sharp edges is very unpleasant. Second, by using the mulch in your garden beds, you are essentially putting nutrients back into the soil. The mulch are usually also very good at locking in the moist and maintaining soil temperature. If you save your own seeds, the leftover seed husk can also provide the same benefits. 🥦🍆🍓

Even if you choose to use fresh stem without drying them first, you can also benefit from all the good bugs that’s been attracted to the feast. These bugs help to break down plant tissue and turn them into hummus, releasing nutrients back into the soil during the process. You get the end product of dark, rich soil full of microbes and organic matter.

Every bit of resource that has been offered to us was used to its full potential, and was returned to where it came from. As long as we are willing to take a moment to observe and listen, we are able to turn trash into treasure, and make our land better than when we found it!😊💖🌏

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