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At CLOSED LOOP FARM, we grow our own organic tea and herbs in our farm with no spray & no chemicals.

We insist in making our tea with the traditional methods to keep the essiential oils and antioxidant compounds.

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100% Australia Grown

Silk spends most of her time in her garden everyday digging, sowing, planting, picking.


It takes 4-5kg of fresh flowers and herbs leaves to make 1kg of processed tea. She hand-pick everything. Once plucked they immediately begin to wilt or wither, so they need to be processed immediately. We use partial sun light to reduce moisture. Traditional methods are followed for a slight oxidation to retain most nutrition and flavour in our tea.

We grow our tea in Macedon Ranges, everything is fresh and seasonal. To maintain high quality, we produce limited tea from October to May every year, if it's sold out, you can pre-order for next year!

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Why not oven-dry?

Oven can't produce the best tea!

Yes, oven is quick and convenient, however, oven drying causes a high percentage of esseional oils, antioxidants, and enzymes to be lost along the way!

Drying process is the key to determine the quality of tea.

Good tea needs to be dryed above 30% humidity, if the air is too dry, the leaves become too brittle and will crumple and be turned into fragments. With a drying temperature of higher than 30°C, the heat will start to damage, it means you start to loose esseional oils, antioxidants, the benefits you want from a herb tea.


Tea is not Just Tea, But a Life Style

Tea Time
Image by Manki Kim

From my Taiwanese and Japanese background, a day begins from a cup of tea, also ends in a cup of tea. Tea is a part of the daily life. We serve tea to people who need it to show our blessedness. No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served.

In 2018 I followed my heart and started making my own tea like how my granny did, I believed my body and soul needed it. In these years, tea making brought back old memories and the connection between me and my ancestors. For me, Tea is not just a collection of human intelligence, but also a gift from mother Nature. Making tea is not just for tea, it's a life's philosophy.

Connecting and Healing with Tea

One day, my son's friend came to play. She had some arguments with her mum. She was upset. Out of nowhere, my son decided to make her a cup of honey chamomile tea with some dried primrose flowers on top. She hold the cup and felt the warmth is flowing through. "Thank you I feel much better now." she said. I was surprised. Then she was attracted to the the purple and pink colour from the flowers. "Wow, it is so beautiful. What are they?" she wanted to know. Then they talked about the flowers for 10 minutes. They also walked to the backyard to see more of these flowers.


My grandmother is 95 yrs old now, she is a herbalist. In the '40s & '50s, she served her herbal tea for free on the side of the road for students, famers, and travellers (in Taiwanese called, 奉茶, in Japanese called, 供茶). It's a tough time, the world is still recovering from World War II, and people were trying to rebuild their life. My grandmother did what she could, tea offering, to heal people's heart. The villagers all knew her, they said she is the kindest person they've ever met. Everytime when my mum mentions this story, I can tell that she is both proud and respectful. Lately, sciencists proved that the healing and medical benefits of herb tea are powerful. We basically don't need tablets and pills, just herbs and tea.

Tea Helps You Find Inner Peace

“If you ask Zen people they will say tea is not something that you pour with unawareness and drink like any other drink. It is not a drink, it is meditation; it is prayer. So they listen to the kettle creating a melody, and in that listening they become more silent, more alert.” – Osho

For me, making tea is a journey to discover who I am. When I grow, collect, dry, and drink these medicinal herbs, I am with myself and learing from nature.

Four years ago, I had a serious endometriomas in both ovaries, at the same time I also suffer from gastric ulcer. Sometimes I still roll on the ground in pain even after I took pain killers. The pain always came randomly, and it seriously affected my work and life. At that time I needed to decide whether to having it surgically removed. I was making a life-changing choice. I did not do the surgery, but instead I slowed my life down and started to make herb tea for myself and my families. Looking back at that period, I really appreciate what the sickness has taught me. Now, all my endometriomas are gone, and the gastric ulcer has also been healed.

When I hold a cup of hot tea, I close my eyes, feel the temperture and smell, sit back and appreciate my surroundings. Thank you to everyone who has being in my life, and thank you, our mother Earth.   

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The Incredible Weeds and Herbs in Your Backyard

In this workshop you will learn about:

1. How to identify the common herbs and weeds

2. their medical knowladge

3. How to use them


Upcoming Workshops In 2024

How to Make Your Own Herb Tea:
                            Mint and Chamomile

In this workshop you will learn about :

1. How to prepare a good soil for your herbs

2. How to grow them

3. Collection and drying process

4. Conservation your tea

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