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Lesueur's Stony Creek Frog 🐸 with photo descriptions

This morning I found two frogs among the rainbow chard. My experience tell me rainbow chards are good shelters for frogs, everytime I cut them to feed chickens, I find frogs. Big leaves can not only be a good shelter to keep the moisture, and also they can hold rain water during rainy days. They create many fantastic little pods for frogs! Stony creek frog is one of the largest of the "rocky river" frogs and a very strong jumper, this frog has on occasions been found long distances from water. This frog is restricted to the vicinity of fast flowing mountain streams from west of Melbourne through eastern Victoria. Recent years, they have been found in Macedon ranges and Mitchell ranges. These two males have a bright mustard yellow body about 30-35mm. Their females have a darker brown colour and bigger size of body about 50-60mm.

Next time if you see them in your garden, don't forget to cover them with some big leafs. 🥬🍁

Photo description:

  1. The big leafs of chard (silverbeet) create perfect shelters for frogs.

  2. I hope my vegetables supply them good meals, so they can have children, grand children, and grand-grand children.

  3. When I flipped it over to see it's abdomen (try to identify species), it played dead and closed its eyes for a while till I leave. I came back about 1 mins later, it disappeared.

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